Another Failed Site

Thought this was the one but it appears things changed. Just another failed site

I joined after a recommendation from a friend. The site had little issues but very manageable. 

I paid the 80 dollar upgrade and created our group. I started getting messages a few days ago from people I invited to our group. The link is dead , 404 user not found. 

This site is now redirects and brings you the upgrade page. Appears you need to now pay for this site. 

I checked the link and they were right, something happened. I sent a message to an admin and an email to support; contact page was not working. I know the admin read the message and followed the instructions for emailing for faster replies. 

I had hopes for this site and after mewe shutdown my last group of 45,000 plus. This is not the way to grow a site and gain support. 

I never received a message about this change, would have been nice. Shame really , but we'll be moving on 



Joe Brereton

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Teresa 6 days ago

A Real Good Guy I Follow Online Made One.. I'll Look For The Link. It's Fr33forall I Believe.

dtwpitt 27 days ago

Yep Can Only Get On With A Phone App Can't Get To My Own Info From My Computer Without The Upgrade Page Pay Wall
(As I'm Typing This Every Word Start With A Cap Through The App) Went To Delete Account Through The App Will Not Appect My Password.

Lorraine Hutchings 29 days ago


Jacy Taylor 30 days ago

Start Your Own!

Teresa 1 month ago

Good Idea. They Don't Care Here... Thinking Of Deleting My Acct Here As Well. Sorry They Did That To You.