Why The Majority

Leaving mewe, new beginnings and starting a new beginning on Phoenix

What changed and why call it the Majority ?

After leaving Fakebook, I thought Mewe would be a great place to start a new group. We had a great start and members kept coming. Days before the election, it was hard to keep up with managing the group, approving posts and members. That is a great problem to have!'

The functionaly in Mewe was mediocre and besides having a voice, the chat feature was the selling point for everyone. The chat went from zero to sixty in 2 seconds and between 11pm and 5 am, the chat turned into a social lounge.

As with every group, we had our shares of issues but we continued to move forward. While we saw success and were numbers away from become the largest group in Mewe in less than 3 months (an incredible achievement) other started to fall.

News hit the chat that other groups were shutdown. I dismissed this immediately because Mewe was was the new social site that was "not under the control of the Left" and we were free. Several more groups were closed and it became apparent that Mewe was not the site I thought it was. I created the Telegram Maga45 Chat as a quick back up.

January 16th in the afternoon, Maga45 reached 45,000 members and within minutes the group was gone. I purchased the upgrade, helped promote Mewe and with help of others, we brought 45,000 to that site. No warning, no communication, we were shutdown.

I was upset of course, but I was more in shock. After reaching this level of success how could they just close our group? Obviously, site traffic and being recognized as a place for all communities to have a voice, was a lie. Mewe had bent the knee and have now become part of the problem.

As every chapter closes, a new one begins. You can either put the book down, read about it or be the one to create it. Telegram started with 6 and we have now grown to over 600 + members, again an incredible achievement. We have great members and conversations that all can get involved in.

Whatever your reasons are for believing in Trump, we all share the same common goal, America. The America Trump fought so hard to give us only to have this ripped away that those who care only about power and control.

The first step is making sure we all communicate and stay together. The Left will continue to separate us by limiting our ability to do this.

Whatever it takes, we do this together.


We start a new chapter on Phoenix Social as we continue the fight


We are the Majority

Joe Brereton

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