Many you are aware of the now open feud between Mitch McConnell and President Trump. Our support for Mitch McConnell has been up and down over the past five years but with his recent attack on President Trump, his assertion that President Trump incited a mob to try to overthrow the government, and his utter failure to support the will of the People of Kentucky we can no longer support Mitch McConnell.

We as do the Republican parties of Nelson, Simpson, Butler, and Hart counties, call on Mitch McConnell to step down.

We understand that this is a move fraught with peril since Andy Beshear would most likely appoint a democrat to replace McConnell in the Senate. We understand that McConnell is attempting to get the State Legislature to ensure that a Senator who leaves officer prior to the end of his term will be replaced by a member of his own party. However, we cannot tolerate the duplicity of Mitch McConnell any longer.

Mitch McConnell has failed to support the People of KY during this "COVID Crisis" and he has failed to support President Trump when we needed him to do so.

Mitch McConnell no longer deserves our support.