One more word about COVID-19.

As of yesterday (17 February 2021) 338,618,827 were tested for COVID-19 in America. That represents a few million more than the total population of the nation.

Of those 338,618,827 tests 27,606,974 ( 8.1%) returned positive results, i.e. confirmation of a COVID-19 infection.
This indicates that healthy people are being tested and not just those who are symptomatic.

At the moment there are 330,091,880 people in the United States; 480,595 ( 0.14%) of us have died from COVID 19 --- 99.86% of us have not.

Even if the mortality rate is calculated in the more correct manner, deaths/cases, the mortality rate is 1.7% meaning that 98.3% of those who supposedly contracted COVID-19 have survived.
These rates have not changed except by a few tenths of a percent (except in nursing homes in NY state) since COVID-19 entered the US.

Other things that we know about COVID include:
- A significant co-morbidity increases the odds of death.
- Vitamin D deficiency increase the risk of a severe illness or death.
- Hydration is critical to a good outcome if you are infected.
-People under the age of 21 are far less likely to present with a symptomatic infection.
- Because we have seen an increase in mask wear AND spikes in case numbers there is a strong suggestion that mask wearing is infective in stopping the spread of the infection.
-It is too soon to know anything about the newly introduced COVID variants.